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Global Outreach Foundation MK (GOFMK) was formed in 2015 after the highest refugee increase in Europe by Mike Kasibo. 

The aim of GOFMK was therefore to support the re-settlement of refugees, more especially young people from Africa who were finding it difficult to call their new place of settlement home.

This was done through  creating sports activities such as football, breakfast club which gave people a platform to share their stories, Police forum that was aimed at bridging the gap between Thames Valley Police and the wider ethnic minority groups in MK (Q&A), African Diaspora Day event- aimed at showcasing African cultures to the greater MK communities. 

At the moment, GOFMK is focused on promoting Inclusion, Diversity and Equality, working with Arts Heritage Alliance MK (AHA).

We are also working collaboratively with other institutions such as TVP  to reduce knife and gun crimes in MK.

GOFMK is deeply rooted in the philosophy of  UBUNTU, "I am because we are". Our aim is bringing the African Diaspor a together rather than being isolated, this is further reflected in our ongoing projects. 

The Untold Stories of Africa 
Iron Sharpens Iron 
Ubuntu African Business Breakfast 
Women's program to be announced soon


We have founded the annual African Diaspora Day event (instagram @africandiasporaday), this is one day of the year where we have Africans from all over the continent coming together, sharing, connecting and exchanging culture and innovative ideas. this has been running since 2017 and has seen just over 40 nations coming together so far. 

Our objectives are centered around the following: 

Just like trees we all need our roots to grow 
It takes a Community to raise a child 
Young people form an image of themselves through reference to those around them. 

Our vision is to see Africans in the diaspora working to empower, innovate and advance each other.

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Your sponsorship really could make a difference in many ways; to help advertise the event, to help with the running costs and also to make it even more spectacular each year.