iron sharpens iron

A project which focuses on the relentless Socio-economic and psycho-cultural pressures, as well as the unforgiving Structural Racism faced by men of African descent.

The program also explores factors that cause alienation between men and their families and communities, while highlighting the importance of productive (i.e., expressive, attentive and communicative) men.

On the main, the program focuses, and is aimed at building and strengthening Cohesive Communities through the spirit of brotherhood and the African philosophy of Ubuntu.

We further challenge men to master themselves and exercise roles of leadership in all aspects of their lives, be it our families and communities, as well as towards each other.

Furthermore, we will explore the onslaught of psychological warfare we face as men of African descent. This includes the prejudice and discrimination that we come across by just being men of a darker skin.

We will bust the myth that: strong men don't need emotional and physical support. Also, we will explore the fact that no man is an island: that asking for help is a sign of strength.

Your sponsorship really could make a difference in many ways; to help advertise the event, to help with the running costs and also to make it even more spectacular each year.


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