african diaspora breakfast club

An opportunity to connect with a diverse group of up and coming entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses around Milton Keynes, and the South East region, sharing knowledge and skills.

The breakfast club provides an opportunity for networking and building long-term business relationships.

We facilitate greater communication, connectivity and exposure for talented businesses through our networks of various experts who are leaders in various sectors.

Majority of business secure deals with people they know, trust, and like. Recent studies show that networking produces 80% more results than cold calling. How better to get to know people than meet them on a regular basis at a reliable local business club?

We will be inviting industry experts with shared ambitions and value systems to come and share insights and know-how, so you can leave the sessions with improved knowledge, confidence and skills than when you walked in.

Your sponsorship really could make a difference in many ways; to help advertise the event, to help with the running costs and also to make it even more spectacular each year.


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