AFRICA'S UnTold story

This project centers on emphasising the narrative of people of African descent.

The project is designed for everyone who has a keen interest in learning about the REAL history of the world. Also, about the role that African continent and it's people's contribution in our world.

The program largely focuses on combating self-hate through African story telling - enhancing self esteem, while restoring pride in African history and heritage. We further explore the role of identity in a need for belonging, self - affirmation, and in search for a meaningful life.

The Untold Stories is also aimed at reducing knife and gun crime in our community. From the research we conducted this year -  identity, or lack of the understanding of one's self, roots and heritage came up as one of the main drivers of antisocial behaviours.

So, we focus on how identity is related to an individual's understanding of themselves as a psychological entity and much more.

Your sponsorship really could make a difference in many ways; to help advertise the event, to help with the running costs and also to make it even more spectacular each year.


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